Recording the Hits, Creating the Video’s, Demo’s to Documentaries….

MoonManWebI am Thomas E. Gingell, owner and Audio/Video Engineer of Moon Productions & Recording Studio, operating just outside Arroyo Grande, California. We have been conducting business at this location since 1989.

The studio was built specifically to be an audio recording studio with a large studio/recording area and a large control room based on live-end/dead-end technology. Specializing in music, spoken word, CATV commercials, sound FX beds and music library’s. We also work with audio on cassette, micro cassette, phone messages (cell or land line) reel to reel, adat, DAT, .mp3, 33 1/3, 45 RPM records imported into ProTools and or transfered to CD. We can also convert videos to any format required for the internet and can even upload them to your website, myspace, YouTube etc….

I started offering video services in 2005 and use (in-house) a Macintosh G5 Quad Core with Final Cut Studio II for video editing. I also offer Special Video Effects with VisionLab Studio by FXhome.com and 3D animations with Eon software’s Vue 7 Esprit. Audio Recording is with ProTools LE 8.0.1 with the Music Production Toolkit giving us up to 64 tracks. We offer an excellent selection of mic’s, mic-pre’s, and a large selection of plug-ins by Waves, Digidesign, Antares, Bombfactory, TRax, AIR and other’s.

Here is a link to a few of my own songs. Some recorded on Cassette multi-track, 1/2″ Reel to Reel, Adats, 2′ 24 track and ProTools.sndcloud_logo